Online Security Check

An online security check is a type of online service that is provided by different companies that specialize in the development of internet protection software. You can find a lot of sites offering this service and most of them would come for free.

When you go to the website of a particular company, you will find a section there that would allow you to run an online security check. Usually, before the test can be carried out, the site will prompt you to install or accept a temporary applet which will allow the security check to run efficiently.

Now since you would often be required to download an applet from the website, it is best that you only run an online security check from reputable websites. This means that you choose those sites that have already made a name for themselves and have been trusted by many users online. Some of the best names in this field are Symantec, Kaspersky, and Trend Micro. It is highly advised that you run those checks from these websites, or if you have another website that you personally know to be trustworthy, and is offering an online security check service as well, then you can always run the check from their site.

There are actually various types of checks that are done by an online security check. The series of checking procedures that they do try to determine if your computer is protected from possible attacks by different types of computer security threats.

One type of security check is the hacker exposure check. This will gauge if your system or computer allows unauthorized communications. This means that your computer either communicates by sending packets to a remote computer, which you don’t have any intention to communicate with or it allows other remote computers to communicate with it. Either way is harmful to your system.

Another type of online security check is checking if your system is safe from Trojan horses. Trojan horses are a real menace when it comes to your computer. These are standalone malicious programs that do not infect files in your computer but what they do is they masquerade themselves as legit files but it eventually does harm to your system by stealing information and other similar manner by which to create trouble for you. It also makes a copy of itself, which makes it more dangerous.

Other online security checks are conducting Windows vulnerability check and the antivirus product check. Running an online security check, as long as it is from a trusted site, ensures that your computer is protected from various threats that your computer is usually vulnerable to whenever you go online.

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